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5 reason why Portugal attracts tourists

the Seychelles, Portugal, Mauritius and Honduras

Portugal is a great choice for those who have fallen in love with the European lifestyle and wish to invest in a developed country to give their families an ideal and comfortable life. . The five reasons listed below can help investors gain more information to make informed decisions for the future of their family.

1. Beautiful beach dreaming

Things to do in Portugal

Portugal owns the most beautiful beaches in the world, typically Algarve with many small bays and romantic white sand beaches.

East of the Algarve is often the place where many of the most popular beaches gather, visitors can travel by boat to this area. One of the famous beaches here is Cabanas-de-Tavira (Praia de Cabanas). With about 1 Euro by boat, visitors only take a few minutes to come and discover Ria Formosa – one of the 7 famous natural wonders in Portugal with many rare species of living.

2. Located next to Spain


Spain is also on the list of reasons that will make tourists love life in Portugal thanks to its location adjacent to the country, convenient for travel between the two countries.

This means that on the weekends, people can drive through the area on the other side of the border to shop in the central areas and enjoy lunch here with a variety of dishes. Bacon Ibérico and Seville oranges are two famous dishes not to be missed when you arrive in Spain.

3. Shopping at the market

Portugal Family

Shopping in markets is part of the daily life of the Portuguese people. Even the smallest towns and villages have their own markets. People can buy fresh food from these markets, and it is also an opportunity to help people from other countries practice and improve their Portuguese language skills. In addition, most of the food in the market always has a better price than the goods sold in the supermarket, making it more economical for buyers.

4. Weekend

Aveiro river Portugal

Portugal has many places for visitors to explore on weekends. In addition to a number of beautiful beachfront options, the country is home to a variety of different lifestyles suitable for everyone, including mountain villages and major cultural cities. featured.

A great point when it comes to living in Portugal is that you can benefit from attracting tourists. In addition to the key tourist season of the year, investors can earn more because the rent may increase in the summer months. So on weekends, investors and families can explore other areas of Portugal, affordable even with the smallest budget.

5. Central area of ​​modern shopping

portugal-porto city

Portugal has some excellent modern shopping centers. To meet the increasing needs of the people, many shopping malls have been built during the past time. It has hundreds of shops, a diverse food court, and entertainment areas such as a children’s playground and a movie theater.

The two characteristics that make the difference in these commercial centers are always free parking and reasonable opening hours, shops usually open until at least 10 pm throughout the year.

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