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Adak national forest – The strangeness of America’s smallest national forests

Adak national forest

When viewed from afar, the Adak national forest “America’s smallest national forest” only looks like a big bush.

Adak National Forest consists of only 33 trees and located on the remote island of Adak in Alaska USA. It is only suitable for travelers who are able to withstand strong winds as well as harsh weather.

The origin of this strange “forest” began during World War II, when Brigadier General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr and 6000 soldiers took charge of protecting Alaska from the invasion of the Japanese army. He ordered the soldiers to plant the first trees on the island of Adak.

Adak National Forest
Adak – America’s smallest national forests – Image by Flickr

The tree planting programs to help encourage the morale of the soldiers at Christmas was deployed on the island of Adak from 1943 to 1945. Despite the harsh weather, many trees could not survive.

In the 1960s, only a few trees survived. Some soldiers put up signs that mocked: “You have just arrived and left the Adak National Forest”. Since then, the name Adak has been used so far, although it has not been officially recognized.

Adak national forest
Adak national forest – Image by Sharktoothwetly instargram

The largest national forest in the US is Tongass, also located in Alaska. It covers an area of ​​about 6.9 million hectares and includes many large glaciers.

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