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Best places to see in Israel 2020

Israel is one of the countries in Western Asia is a diverse place. Having a rich history, Israel should be on the list of every traveller who is history addicts. Here you can learn how there is unity in a diverse culture. Israel has a lot of places to visit including its capital Jerusalem which we have mentioned in one of our previous blog post. Here are some of the places which you can tour when you visit Israel.


The capital with limited recognition is Jerusalem is a melting pot of culture. The city of Jerusalem is one of the holy places in Israel where you can hear the shofars, church bell and Islamic calls.  Here, the majority of religion stays together and it is the place which is filled with tourists. A history enthusiast without a visit to Jerusalem in Israel is a trip incomplete.

Dead SeaDead Sea

The Dead Sea, the sea which is literally lifeless as there are no living organisms which can sustain the environment here. One of the saltiest waters here on Earth, Dead Sea is a tourist place where one can easily dip into the water even though he/she doesn’t know how to swim. It is one of the natural spas filled with minerals which one can visit to revitalize the body.

Tel AvivTel Aviv

Visit Tel Aviv to experience old city charms. The city is best known for its intriguing culture, architecture and old-world buildings. You can experience delicious food, markets and also as the day turns into the night experience the vibrant nightlife here.


This is one of the unique places in Israel where the city is home to Basilica of the Annunciation. This is the place where Mother Mary got to know that she will be conceiving Lord Jesus. The information was provided by angel Gabriel in this very city and is one of the religious place. Apart from being a religious place, the city of Nazareth is known for its fabric, food and souvenirs.


If you are aware of Christian culture then Bethlehem is one of the towns that would be mentioned a lot of time. This is the place where Lord Jesus was born and this is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. A visit to the city, you will be listening to constant humming of Christmas carols and stories of Mary and Joseph. The church of nativity here is a must-visit as it is said to be a birthplace of Lord Jesus. Apart from that, visit the Tomb of Rachel which is also the holiest site.

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