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Aveiro river Portugal

Portugal is a country with a long-standing interesting culture which will bring unforgettable experiences for tourists. Currently, the government has also relaxed immigration policies to call Portuguese settlers around the world to come and live, invest, and develop the country. In this country, wherever you go, you can also clearly feel the national identity with the customs, traditions, richness and diversity. In addition, the Portuguese people are also extremely friendly and hospitable.

Let’s discover interesting cultures of Portugal

Portuguese History

Sintra city Portugal
In 1494, Spain and Portugal signed the Tordesillas Agreement on the delimitation of the zone of influence and colonial exploited lands. In particular, Portugal has the right to rule the eastern half of the world, including Brazil, Africa and Asia. The Portuguese Empire was then actually the first global empire in history. It was also one of the longest colonial powers, lasting nearly six centuries from the capture of Ceuta city in 1415, until Macau returned to China in 1999.

Fluent in foreign languages (especially in English)

Aveiro river Portugal
A lot of tourists are really impressed when coming to Portugal because the Portuguese speak English very fluently. After talking with some Portuguese, you will understand that people listen to music or watch movies in Portugal with English subtitles, so people often listen to English from a young age and often.

That is really a valuable strength of the Portuguese when they know that in today’s world everyone must speak this international language. English is mostly spoken by the younger generation, and you’ll also meet many Portuguese speaking French. According to the survey, more than 80% of Portuguese are fluent in a foreign language.

About the time

portugal-porto city
In general, Portuguese people have their own concept of time and punctuality. They often shun lazy habits, though their lives are not as lively and hasty as other European countries. You will rarely see them hurriedly running around. Therefore, when observing, you will better understand their daily life rhythm is very peaceful and comfortable.


Algarve city Portugal
You will definitely understand the Portuguese way of life once you get along with them. In fact, the Portuguese people are also known for their openness. Portuguese families love to entertain foreign guests whenever they visit their city or town. The people of Portugal are famous for their openness.

So if you want them to notice you, the smartest thing you should do is show them that you really care about cultural integration. Feel free to ask them questions about their history, habits, or festivals, even though your main purpose is only to interact.


Portugal Family
Portuguese families have changed a lot during the modernization process. However, they still maintain the unity between generations to ensure family values. You can see grandparents, parents and descendants still living together. If you have chosen to stay at a Portuguese homestay, you will probably have lunch with them around 2pm and dinner around 8pm as a cultural feature of each family here.


Obidoscity portugal
Religion is also an important aspect of Portuguese culture and lifestyle. Up to now, about 70% of the population is Christian, and they still maintain mass ceremonies and organize religious services. You will find that every Sunday morning, most churches are packed because Portuguese people have a habit of finishing their week in a sacred manner.

Please note that the Portuguese are also very open and respectful with other religions. So you will not have any trouble if you worship your religion.

Experience Portugal Travel 2020 you should to know


Portugal Transportation
Because it is located in the westernmost of Europe, only adjacent to Spain on the mainland, the access to Portugal is quite limited. From Spain you can reach Portugal by train and by car, but from other countries to Portugal directly, it must be by air or by sea.

Famous Cities In Portugal

Aveiro river Portugal
Lisbon, the capital, the center of culture, economy and politics, is your first stop in Portugal. Similar to some other cities like Rome, Edinburgh, Bergen and Turku, Lisbon is located and built on 7 hills close together. It can be said that this is the warmest place in Europe, with temperatures in the winter still above 15 degrees C.

Located in the center of Portugal, Fátima can be said to be the most solemn city in this country, with many churches, ancient shrines, with unique architecture and splendid. Located on the coast of Estoril, Sintra is both a town and an autonomous city of Portugal.

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Portugal is also known by the surviving fortress towers. These towers are carefully renovated and are also one of the tourist attractions, notably the Bélem tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Climate, Weather

10 most interesting facts about portugal
With a geographic location close to the north of Africa, it is not surprising that Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe with an average temperature in the north of about 15 degrees C and south. is 18 degrees C. The Azores and Madeira Islands have higher humidity and temperature. Autumn and winter can be quite windy and rainy, but spring and summer temperatures are quite high in the north and inland areas.

The northwest has a mild winter with a relatively short summer. Northeast summer is hot and winter is quite long. There is almost no rain in the south unless it is early spring and autumn. There is still snow in the north, but it will melt quickly.


the Seychelles, Portugal, Mauritius and Honduras

In the traditional festivals of the Portuguese, caldo verde is indispensable. The dish is cooked with potatoes, onions, kale and pork sausages. Diners can eat it as an appetizer or use at the main meal.

The culinary style of the Portuguese people has contributed a lot, creating the beauty and development today of European cuisine. Among the special dishes are Portuguese barbecue – variations of Churrasco present in all countries in Latin America.

drink tea portugal

Grilled meat in Portugal usually only uses different types of meat. Most of them are lamb and pork, besides chicken wings, sausages, shrimp rolls and especially the Picanha meat – the meat taken from the beef rump. All are marinated in the traditional spices of the Portuguese people, mainly to suit and taste the people here and accidentally created a new variation with the unique characteristics of Portuguese barbecue.

Through this article, we can see that Portugal is a very interesting country in terms of culture, food and weather. If you’re planning to travel to Europe, why not Portugal?

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