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Discover the beauty of Hue city, Vietnam – Gentleness and quiet

Hue Vietnam

Hue is again in the festive season. People returned to the capital land to be immersed in the royal night, drunk with the Southern Ai and Southern Binh rhythms on the Perfume River, flattering with the height of Ngu mountain and quiet by the moss impregnated mausoleum with Truong Tien bridge and Thien Mu pagoda…

To capture those moments, Vinh Dav photographer took these photos to preserve the characteristics in Hue landscape with gentleness and with quiet. Take a look at this album of the gentle and tranquil beauty of Hue City.

Hue’s poetic and romantic beauty has attracted the hearts of the traveler. But to feel all that delicacy, you must see the charm of Hue’s daughters, also in tune with the citadel “gentle and quiet”.

The charm of Hue radiates from Ton Nu in the garden to Dong Khanh schoolgirls with light clothes, from the girl paddling on the Huong River with the traditional songs.

n the middle of urban flourish but Hue’s people always brings a sense of peace and serenity, a sense of lightness and comfort in harmony with people and scenery.

The water still flows through Truong Tien Bridge, Huong River still drifts to the sea and Hue is still beautiful with time.


It must be in the deepest feeling of those who come to Hue, the loveliness of Hue is still the most intense in the grace of Hue woman.

Boat gliding on the peaceful Huong River, near the Hoang Vien Bridge, connecting the Hoang Vien dune with the south bank of Huong River.

Hue is one of the destinations containing ancient beauty with majestic tombs, temples and poetic natural landscapes that fascinate people.

Photo by Vinh Dav. Follow him at

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