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Discover the best Hiking in Northern Mallorca : Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix

This Alcúdia peninsula circuit hike is a brilliant day hike which ascends from the former monastery Ermita de la Victoria to Talaia d’Alcúdia, the highest point on the peninsula, and descends all the way down to the remote Platja des Coll Baix beach. The circuit continues through forests and gorges all the way back to Ermita de la Victoria.

The Alcúdia peninsula (also called the Victória peninsula) separates the bays of Pollença and Alcúdia in Northern Mallorca. The peninsula takes its name from the walled city of Alcúdia, which is worth a visit after this hike.

Platja des Coll Baix, Mallorca

Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix Hiking Map

Where to Start the Talaia d’Alcúdia Hike

Ermita de la Victoria

The hike begins at Ermita de la Victoria, which is a hermitage-fortress dating back to the 13th century.

There’s a large free car park at Ermita de la Victoria. On weekends, this car park fills up very quickly.

Discover the best Hiking in Northern Mallorca : Talaia d’Alcúdia and Platja des Coll Baix

Ermita de la Victoria to Penya des Migdia Viewpoint Turn-off (15 minutes )

Starting at the car park, locate signs to Talaia d’Alcúdia (55 minutes).

Follow the wide gravel road uphill through the pine forest.

Optional Detour to Penya des Migdia Viewpoint (add 40 minutes)

Alcúdia Peninsula, Mallorca

After about 15 minutes, you’ll see a trail on the left, flanked by a wooden handrail. That trail leads to the Penya des Migdia viewpoint. It’s a beautiful viewpoint, but it adds 40-50 minutes out-and-back to this hike.

Penya des Migdia Viewpoint Turn-off to Talaia d’Alcúdia (40 minutes)

Talaia d'Alcúdia hike, Mallorca

Continue on the main gravel road. After a few minutes, climb over the stile and stay on the main track. Views open up to Pollença Bay and the mountainous Formentor peninsula.

After crossing the Pla de sa Talaia plateau, the trail narrows and ascends along a series of switchbacks to the rock face of a cliff.

A wooden handrail guides you along the ledge up to the ridge. The path continues just below the ridge to a stone pile, at the foot of Talaia d’Alcúdia peak.

From the stone pile intersection, it’s only a 5-minute ascent to Talaia d’Alcúdia.

Talaia d’Alcúdia summit, Mallorca

At the summit, you’ll see the Tramuntana mountain range, Pollença Bay, Alcúdia Bay, the resort town of Port d’Alcúdia, and the long and narrow Formentor peninsula. There are also a few unmanaged stone huts here as well.

Talaia d’Alcúdia to Collet des Coll Baix Refugi (1 hour)

Talaia d Alcúdia to Platja des Coll Baix hiking trail, Mallorca

Backtrack to the stone pile and follow signs to Collet des Coll Baix Refugi (45 minutes) and Barrera des Coll Baix (1:35 hrs).

A rocky, narrow trail leads across the eastern slopes of Talaia d’Alcúdia over a rolling garrigue landscape. The path is a bit trickier now, because of the limestone/karst terrain.

This undulating, but mostly descending path brings you to a gorgeous viewpoint overlooking Coll Baix beach.

Platja des Coll Baix viewpoint, Mallorca

Continue descending all the way down to the forest.

Ultimately, you’ll arrive at the rest area Collet des Coll Baix, where there’s an unmanaged Refugi, some picnic tables, and a fountain.

Optional Detour: Collet des Coll Baix Refugi to Platja des Coll Baix (40 – 50 minutes out-and-back)

Platja des Coll Baix hike, Mallorca

The trail continues descending through the forest for about 15 minutes. You’re in the forest all the way until you get to the water edge.

The path now continues along the rocky shore to the beach. You have to scramble across a few boulders to reach Platja des Coll Baix.

Collet des Coll Baix Refugi to Coll de na Benet (40 minutes)

Collet des Coll Baix Refugi to Coll de na Benet, Mallorca

Follow signs to Barrera des Coll Baix.

The forest road leads down to a car park. Keep following the road for another 500 meters until you see a sign steering you right to Ermita de la Victoria, signed 1:30 hours.

The trail essentially follows a dry stream bed through thick vegetation, chiefly dwarf fan palms, dissgras and some pine.

The narrow path continues up through the valley to the Coll de na Benet saddle.

Coll de na Benet to Ermita de la Victoria (1 hour)

Coll de na Benet to Ermita de la Victoria, Mallorca

From the Coll de na Benet trail junction, continue straight in the direction of Ermita de la Victoria, now signed 1:05 hours

The path descends Fontanelles Valley with views of Badía de Pollença.

After passing a Nordic Walking Info Board the trail gets significantly wider. You’ll see villas of the Bonaire holiday resort.

Follow the wide, flat path until you reach another trail sign that steers you right to Ermita de la Victoria (30 minutes).

The path cuts across thick dissgras below craggy peaks.

You’ll cross the stream bed of Torrent de s’Aladernar and then make a final steep ascent through the forest to the car park at Ermita de la Victoria.

Where to Stay near Ermita de la Victoria


Alcúdia is a fortified town dating back to the 13th century in Northern Mallorca. It’s a vibrant medieval town stuffed with restaurants, tapas bars, shops, and boutique hotels.

Alcúdia is located on the Alcúdia peninsula between the bay of Alcúdia and the bay of Pollença. In addition to the resort area of Port d’Alcúdia and Platja d’Alcúdia, the Alcúdia peninsula boasts a number of quiet and secluded beaches like Platja des Coll Baix.

If you stay in Alcúdia, you have to park outside the town walls. There are free car parks just a few minutes away from these accommodations.

Midrange | ARA Alcudia is a stylish B&B housed in the town’s former carpentry. The design artfully blends new and old materials to create fresh, inspiring interiors.

Midrange | Family-run Can Tem Turismo de Interior is an antique-filled B&B located in a 17th century mansion. Breakfast is served in the hotel’s private garden.

Luxury | Forum Boutique Hotel & Spa – Adults Only is a gorgeous, tastefully-furnished boutique hotel with 16 rooms, internal gardens, a pool area, and spa. Guests enjoy a plentiful breakfast buffet featuring local produce and fresh orange juice.

Port de Pollença

Port de Pollença (Puerto Pollensa) is a charming seaside town situated on the Bay of Pollença in Northern Mallorca. It’s one of the best places to stay on the island, because you have access to both the sea and the mountains. The Tramuntana Mountains and Cap de Formentor form the backdrop of this lovely destination, making it the perfect destination for swimming, cycling, and hiking.

Hotels in Puerto de Pollensa do not have on-site parking, only free street parking.

Budget | Hotel Eolo is a seafront hotel in Port de Pollença, situated just across from the port. Rooms are small, but spotless. Stay here for the central location, excellent breakfast, bike storage, and friendly staff.

Budget-Midrange | The lovely Hoposa Bahia, a converted 19th century summer house, is situated on the Puerto Pollensa promenade, just a few steps away from the beach. Stay here for the outstanding beachfront breakfast, the sea views, and the proximity to Playa Puerto de Pollensa.

Midrange | La Goleta Hotel de Mar – Adults Only is a cheerful and modern seafront hotel with a fabulous rooftop area with plunge pool and great breakfasts. Welcome extras included beach towels, secure storage, tools and washing area for cyclists.

Luxury | Hoposa Pollentia – Adults Only is a boho chic beachfront hotel, situated just south of the town center (10-15 minute walk). Designed to impress, this stylish hotel flaunts a seafront outdoor lounge and bar, rooftop terrace and fresh water pool, beautiful breakfast room, and lovely albeit small rooms. Guests enjoy the atmosphere, quiet location, and rich breakfast. You can also eat dinner here.

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