IATA wants to restart travel for fully vaccinated travellers

The international air transport association (IATA) has said that international air travel should reopen for those who have been fully vaccinated. The organization has said that a system must be in a place wherein hassle-free travel can once again be normal for fully vaccinated travellers.

The air travel body has also proposed testing and verification of passengers who have not yet been vaccinated, however, this should be done without the restrictions that are in place currently.

“Vaccination and testing have a role to play in the recovery of international travel. It is not an option to wait for vaccines to be widely available before reopening borders. The global vaccine roll-out is likely to take time.” Said Conrad Clifford in a statement, Conrad Clifford holds the position of Deputy Director-General and Regional Vice President for the Asia Pacific

Conrad Clifford has also said that this is important to test passengers as an alternative to those who are not yet vaccinated or are unable to get vaccinated due to many possible reasons. He also said that some scientists think coronavirus could become endemic and it is not a good idea to wait until caseload drops to zero.

The IATA body said that all decisions pertaining to reopening borders should be based on data.

Author : macrotraveller

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