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India Travel News 06/20221 – Nubra valley to be upgraded by Ladakh tourism

Tourists visiting the famous Ladakh famous Nubra Valley will soon have a new refurbished look as tourists will be able to experience the valley as a multi-destination tourist place.

The major focus of the upgrade is to improve the facilities in and around the area to ensure that the tourists will have a meaningful visit.

Out of the developments in the plan, one of the major development is to put fences around the Hunder Sand dunes to ensure the safety of the Bactrian Camels which form a big part of tourism in the region. These double humped camels are used in desert safari.

The officials have suggested that the well-being of the camels must be kept in mind and fitness certificates for all the animals are to be procured with measures to be taken in keeping them in good health and develop the landscape of Nubra valley.

Camel fodder is also to be grown in these designated areas so that there will be a constant supply of fodder for these animals throughout the year.

Additionally, there are plans to develop the Sumoor desert for tourism activities where very soon tourists might be able to experience desert tours and safari.

As of now, for the existing tourism activities in the area, there are going to be improvements in facilities such as online booking facilities for camel rides, Wi-Fi facilities in the area, more cafes with washrooms, more souvenir shops, and parking spaces for the visitors and more solar-powered establishments.

Nubra, to be a multi-destination, will be developed in such a planned way that there can be Silk Route heritage walks and nature walks in and around the area. Astro tourism is also included in the development plans.

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