Jaipur now has not one but two leopard reserves

Jaipur in India now gets a new leopard reserve where the first one was Jhalana Leopard Reserve and now the newly added one is the Amagarh Leopard Reserve.

Located in the Aravalis mountain range, the Amagarh Leopard Reserve is an important Leopard habitat. This is spread across 1524 hectares and is home to over 15 leopards.

This development is part of Project Leopard which is an initiative from the Rajasthan government from the year 2017 under this project, the Jhalana Leopard Reserve showed good signs of improvement and a healthy increase in the leopard population.

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Amagarh forest is an important wildlife corridor where you can find animals such as hyenas, jackals, wild cats, foxes, civet cats, nilgai, sambhar, and rabbits, among others.

The forest department announced that there will be morning and evening leopard safaris, where the department is allowing only a limited number of safari vehicles inside the reserve forest to avoid overcrowding and not to create a disturbance.

Bookings for safari need to be done via Forest Department, Rajasthan Government’s official website.

Other popular wildlife destinations in Rajasthan are Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Jamwa Ramgarh and Tal Chappar Sanctuary. Though Tal Chappar is a lesser-known destination, it is one of the best in the region for blackbuck sightings and birdwatching, especially raptors. Also, a very good place to find the spiny-tailed lizard listed as Vulnerable by IUCN.

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