Maldives will welcome tourists in July

Come July, one of the most preferred destinations for us will be once again welcoming tourist to its pristine location. It is said that the Island nation of Maldives is set to open to its international tourists from July but it comes with set of rules and regulations which should be adhered to. The official tourist Ministry board said “We are planning to reopen our borders for visitors in July, 2020.” And also, Ali Waheed the Minister from Tourism Department of Maldives also said that they country is planning to open from July 1, 2020. Beginning July 1, they are set to open welcoming tourists from India, China, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Middle East and they have given clearance to Emirates, Qatar and many other commercial aircrafts. Also, people who want to come via Private, Chartered flights and yachts are allowed to enter Maldives. Recent updates includes that the country won’t be charging any additional fees  which earlier the board had proposed additional tourist visa fee and landing fees, but as per latest guidelines no extra charges will be charged to its visitors. Tourism being the main contributor for GDP for Maldives, the Island nation cannot go under lockdown for more months which closed its doors since early March due to widespread cases of Covid-19. It is said that the economic growth of the country may fall negative 26% if the tourism doesn’t begin hence the tourism boards are coming up with guidelines of do’s and don’ts for its visitors to enter the pristine Islands of Maldives. The tourism is open to specific nations, however, the residents of UK, USA, Italy, Spain and other 12 countries are barred as of now. We are awaiting official information as to when the country is open for the citizens of these nations.

[Source macrotraveler blog]

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