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Namibia-The beauty of the wild land and brave people


Each journey has a different experience, but for me, Namibia is something that is the most difficult to say and express. A touch of emotion beyond words, without many words to describe, it’s passionate and full of “haunting,” because I can’t seem to stop forgetting every moment there when I return home.


This time without my husband, I had the opportunity to go with interesting mysterious elements, especially the group of 5 of us in a car, we were also something very special and strange.

Something about Namibia  : This is a country in Southern Africa and is located on the west coast of the continent. Namibia is the first country that comes to mind when I talk about Africa because I surf Instagram so I know it, but I’ve never heard anyone mention it.


To explore Africa you have many options, sign up for a reputable tour, or you can explore on your own with many risks, the most haunting risk is a car tire that suddenly goes flat on the way and don’t know where to go and who to rely on. You can explore this country on tour or on your own road trip if you are brave enough.

Talking about Namibia is talking about gravel and sand roads, burning grass and bare bushes, deer running through the forest and then looking dumbfounded. A sunrise stretching over the sandy dunes, the long stretch of beach along the edge of the desert is extremely spectacular. A golden sunset chasing the sun like a madman, the galaxy glowing in the night sky in the strange sound of unseen gazelles, a ghost town, a valley of dead trees Shadows cast shadows on the broken white ground, and space-time without a single 3G mast or WIFI signal.


In Namibia, a glass of Windhoek beer or a glass of wine is enough to paralyze people, immersed in a romantic context, naturally turning themselves into a lover of miscellaneous things.

As the country with the second least population density in the world, it is correct to say that on the way there is not a single person, even if it is 4 or 8 hours, even when going to the hotel or resting place, you will only meet a few people.

It is understandable because most of its area is desert, the rainy season is very short, so almost everything is in a barren state. I wish the rains here come regularly every day to make this arid land more green and flowers bloom.

Because of the sparseness, accommodation in Namibia is also extremely difficult, many days running a long distance to enter a rocky cliff, it is so hot to breathe, the room rate is high, but everything is worth the price for the next day.

All photos by Nguyen Huu Trang

So to plan a road trip Namibia you need to have a clear & tight itinerary, because here, everything is finite. I find camping here very interesting, so you can arrange a few nights to watch the stars, but the cost is much cheaper than at the Lodge.

When I went to Africa, I found the following saying true: “Everything has a price. If you want what others can’t have, you have to endure what others can’t bear.”

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