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Review Best South Indian Restaurant 2022 : Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai

Dakshin restaurant

I’d like to review best south Indian restaurant in 2022 , maye it ‘s useful for you. As many people say that after visiting a place, you have not tried their famous food/hotel there? The same applies to Dakshin Restaurant as it would be a shame of visiting Chennai and not try out the food from Dakshin Restaurant.

Probably one of the restaurants which I adore and simply keep visiting during my visit to Chennai is the Dakshin Restaurant.

Dakshin means south and as the name suggests this hotel goes above and beyond by sampling us with speciality dishes from southern India which includes the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Andra Pradesh.

South Indian food has come a long way apart from the Idly, Dosa etc where Dakshin offers some of the traditional home recipes unearthed by our forefathers and this makes this restaurant a must-visit.

Opened in the year 1989 at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, this hotel was first a part of ITC hotels and changed its owners to Crowne Plaza however, the food here remains the same as it was before. This hotel is said to be a godfather of south-Indian cooking in Chennai and one must never miss trying any dishes prepared here.

Dakshin restaurant

The beautiful restaurant has elegant looking decor resembling the heritage of South India, though it has completed many years in service, this hotel has not lost its charm. The hotel is spacious, colourful and is decorated with key pieces of South Indian heritage.

Once entered you will be greeted by the Nataraja Statue which is a large statue that emphasises on South Indian theme. On walls, you will notice beautiful Tanjore paintings all around the room. Dakshin is classy, traditional, vibrant and exotic looking.

Lime-green and chilli-red walls hung with jewel-encrusted paintings, sculptures and mirrored pillars and the dining room on formal lines with small round or square tables filling the room. Placed set the traditional scene in the spacious dining room for cooking served traditionally on banana leaves which is a quintessential part of South Indian dining.

You will be served dishes and cuisines from six states of South India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

The food served here would be amazing and during my visit here I tried out various dishes.

Ending the food on a sweet note  that takes a special place after having a hearty lunch.

As I said before, if you come to Chennai, do not miss to try out the food at the Dakshin Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Adyar Park.

Author: Nivedith Gajapathy (macrotraveller)

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