Ten dreamy reasons to tour Italy

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would need ten reasons to head for a country that’s renowned for its natural beauty, culinary delights and ancient wonders. But, we love making travel daydreams into real life adventures, so we’ve gathered photographic proof of Italy at its best. You’ll see just some of the places you can join us to learn how to make arancini, watch lemons turned into limoncello and tear into authentic Napoletana pizza. Hop on your imaginary Vespa (you can ride a real one later!) and take a boot through Italy’s scenic riches.

1: The enduring charm of Ponte Vecchio in Florence

This iconic bridge has captivated travellers and old masters for centuries

Imagine slowly enjoying a refreshing gelato as you take in the medieval magnificence of Florence from the brick dome of il Duomo to the old arch bridge crossing the Arno River.

2: Your train station view in Manarola, Cinque Terre

reason pic 2Hear the crash of the waves as you wait at Manarola station

Everyone can picture the colourful cliffside towns of Cinque Terre, but you also get breathtaking views from the train that takes you from Riomaggiore to the other four villages.

3: Taormina’s Teatro Greco with views of Mount Etna

reason pic 3Opt to wander the well-preserved “pearl of the Ionian Sea”

With Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea as a stunning backdrop, it’s easy to see why Taormina and its beautifully-situated ancient amphitheatre remain top destinations in Northern Sicily.

See it for yourself on: Northern Sicily: Islands & Volcanoes

4: Volcanic eruptions from a sunset Stromboli cruise

reason pic 4Witness active volcanic eruptions from your prime spot on the sea

After a day spent cruising around the Aeolian Islands, you’ll anchor under the Scara del Fuoco. Nestle in for the sunset and marvel at Mount Stromboli’s eruptions as it gets dark.

See it for yourself on: Northern Sicily: Islands & Volcanoes

5: Ancient history in Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples

reason pic 5Sicily’s largest and best-preserved Doric temple is a beauty

Explore the ruins of eight temples, including the Temple of Concordia built in 440-430 BC, which is considered the best example of ancient Hellenic architecture in Sicily.

See it for yourself on: Explore Southern Sicily

6: Crystal-clear seas off of the Egadi Islands

reason pic 6Opt to cruise the coastal waters and drop anchor off of lovely Levanzo

In one southern Sicilian adventure, you can go all the way from learning how to make Arancini in Syracuse (yum yum!) to opting for an idyllic Egadi Islands boat excursion.

7: A real taste of Tuscan life in San Gimignano

reasons pic 7Roll up to a medieval farmhouse and call it home for a week

Enjoy sweeping views of central Tuscany and its vineyards as you live locally outside the hilltop town of San Gimignano. Tuscan wine tasting! Rustic cooking classes! Country walks!

8: Ferrying past the Faraglioni Rocks of Capri

reason pic 8Gawk at centuries-old rocks jutting from the Tyrrhenian Sea

If you love a good sea arch, the craggy wonders off of the island of Capri are impressive. You can also swim in emerald-green coves and opt to enter the Blue Grotto sea cave.

9: Spending your days surrounded by zesty lemons

reason pic 9Call a working organic lemon farm home for your stay in Sorrento

Wherever you go in Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, the tangy scent of lemon follows. Our local living options are set in lemon groves and you can even watch a limoncello-making demo.

10: Following the ‘Path of the Gods’ to Positano

reason pic 10See pretty Positano from the water after hiking the ridge trail

From Sorrento and Amalfi, make your way to Bomerano and follow a mountain path with sensational views of gorges, lemon groves and the sea. Finish in Positano and ferry back!

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