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The best ways to have a cheap Iceland vacation – How to get cheap flights to Iceland

Gullfoss Iceland

Hi! In this post, I will share some small tips and best ways to have cheap Iceland vacation and cheap flights to Iceland.

It was from my trip in last year and it’s not a bad experience. Did you know that Iceland is the only country in the world without mosquitoes ?  You will be more surprised when you visit this country possesses this magical geological source. Glaciers, volcanoes, … and countless other interesting facts about this Nordic country need to be discovered right away.

Gullfoss Iceland
Gullfoss Iceland

The climate in Iceland is harsh with the cold climate because of its location bordering the Arctic Circle.
On the other hand, the location is also located on the Atlantic volcanic belt so this country possesses numerous glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, …All creating majestic and spectacular natural wonders.

How to get cheap flights to Iceland

There are very few airports with flights to Iceland.As far as I know, WOW airline is currently the cheapest, about $100 each way. But they charge you for pretty much everything including a bigger bag.They charge you for checked luggage.

How to get cheap flights to iceland
With this option, they also will not provide food for you so you should bring snacks and drinks with you.
An additional $100 each way, the WOW Plus ticket includes hand baggage, checked bags and in-flight cancellation insurance and personal belongings. If you carry a lot of luggage or camping gear, you should choose WOW Plus.

If you’re in a European city, you can go there to Reykjavik on Iceland Express, the country’s low-cost airline. Tickets from cities like Copenhagen can be as low as $100 return.

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Taxis from the airport to downtown Reykjavik cost ~ $100 each way. A cheaper option is Flybus, which costs around $17 and drops passengers at BSI Bus Station, about 5-minute walk from the city center.

The best ways to have a cheap Iceland vacation

1. When to go

places to visit in iceland
Iceland is very cold in the winter. Summers are warmer, around 70F / 21C in the middle of summer, when the day is longer and the sun barely sets. Of course, this is when people want to travel, and then the prices for flights and hotels are the highest. So, you can start your trips in the late fall or early spring to take advantage of the lowest hotel prices and cheap flights. At that time, air ticket savings alone can reach 50%.

2. Self-driving

Driving Anyplace and Fixing Something in a Candy ’95 Landcruiser
You don’t need to hire an expensive driver or spend the tour to explore Iceland. Rent a car for about $70 a day and explore Golden Circle on your own. On your road trip, You can find a way to hitchhike if you carry a little luggage.

3. Self-cooking


Eating in Reykjavik-Iceland is very expensive. You can save money by staying in rooms with a kitchenette so you can cook for yourself. For cheap food, try one of Iceland’s famous hot dogs, addictive roasted lamb tubes covered with mustard, ketchup, gravy, remoulade and onions… its price is under $3.

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4. Bring a bottle of water

bring bottle water
Tap water in Iceland is extremely clean and safe to drink. You should bring a reusable water bottle with you and refill from the spout. It will save you a lot of money and help the environment. There is no reason to buy water here.

5. Limit alcohol and beer

Drink beer and eat chocolate in Belgium 
Wine and beer in Iceland are very expensive, so you should limit drinking them to save money.

6. Take the bus

Bus in Reykjavík Iceland
Bus in Reykjavík Iceland

You can take the bus if you do not want self-driving or rent a car. Taking a bus saves you money and it only takes you a few minutes from the bus stop to your travel destinations

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7. Walking

walking hike in iceland
Almost cities in Iceland are very small, so you absolutely do not need to waste money for taxi. You can walk in the city and look at the panorama, learning about culture, history and people in Iceland.

8. Bring a towel

bring a towel to reduce budget
Bring a towels helps you save money in your motel. It is also very helpful when you want to explore a natural hot spring.

9. Bring coffee & tea.

The weather in Iceland is quite cold so bringing tea and coffee will help you no need to buy them. The price of tea and coffee in Iceland is also not cheap. Carrying them will reduce your budget.

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 The things you must to know about Iceland for a perfect trip

1. Please be careful while driving on icelandic roads. They are really dangerous and sadly way to many foreigners get involved in car crashes.

places to visit in iceland
A Mountain in iceland

2. Never go unprepared on the highlands. Do not go driving that rented yaris and think that you can cross rivers and go over mountains. Last icelanders can be a bit of a jerks when it comes to driving but if you see wild horses don’t park at the middle of the road, make sure that cars have plenty of space to pass by you in both directions, and if that isn’t possible just keep on going, i promise you will see more wild horses.

places to visit in iceland
A fall in Iceland

3. Don’t buy water because you are washing money. I see alot of tourists buying water. You can drink the tap water its even healthier than the bottled water. Everyone in Iceland drinks the tap water.

See more about Iceland by this video :

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