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Travel News 06/2022 – Masks and Medical Insurance mandatory to travel to Japan

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As per the latest development, foreign travellers who are planning to visit the country of Japan will be required to have medical insurance, wear masks and also be chaperoned throughout their stay.

The news was shared by the government as it plans to reopen the country to tourism after a gap of 2 years.

As per the reports, the first phase of reopening will start on June 19 and referring to this, Japan Tourism Agency (JTA)  stated that the travel guides accompanying visitors should ensure that the visitors should be wearing masks at all times.

The guidelines from JTA also mentioned that tour guides should remind tourists of necessary infection prevention measures which include wearing masks at all times and should be reminded at each store of the tour.

Visitors on the other hand should ensure that they wear masks at all times when travelling outside and also should wear them during conversing with people in close proximity.

Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged to ensure that border measures will be brought into line with other wealthy nations. As many other countries are reopening borders for foreign travellers

If reports go by, the government of Japan Government recently relaxed mask guidance for citizens

Japan also conducted ‘test tours’ of groups consisting of around 50 people last month, who mostly traveled agents and post this the first phase of reopening of the country was implemented.

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