Travel news – Singapore tourist has gone missing on Mount Everest


Several climbers have perished while climbing Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. Recently, there is a case of disappearance of a foreign tourist.

Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, a Singapore national, went missing after climbing Mount Everest on Friday morning (May 19). His family is calling for urgent help from the relevant agencies.

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Mr. Shrinivas set out from Singapore to Nepal to conquer the world’s highest mountain last month. He is said to have last made contact with camp organizers some 8,500 meters away.

His cousin, Divya Bharath, wrote in the petition that on the way down Mr. Shrinivas appeared to have frostbite and altitude sickness. This resulted in him being separated from the crew and falling from a height of about 8,000 meters on the Tibetan side of the mountain.

Ms. Bharath said: “This matter needs urgent attention from the authorities. We need a special experienced rescue team to deal with such cases. This also ensures operations. rescue unhindered by diplomatic paperwork.”

A group of Sherpa people here began a search operation on Saturday morning (May 20). According to BNN, Mr. Shrinivas signed up for an expedition organized by Seven Summit Treks, a Nepali company that provides guided hikes on Everest.


Mr Shrivinas’ family seems to be heartbroken but doesn’t want to lose hope.

AFP confirmed two more climbers died on Mount Everest, bringing the total number of deaths to 9 this climbing season. Specifically, a Malaysian and a Chinese climber are confirmed as the latest deaths.

The area above 8,000 meters here is known as the “death zone”, where thin air and low oxygen levels increase the risk of altitude sickness. In addition, the terrain in this area is difficult and dangerous, causing many deaths.


Nepal has now approved 478 permits for foreign climbers running through early June. Most visitors will need a guide so it is estimated that there are more than 900 in total on Everest. According to Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism, more than 400 climbers have reached the summit since last Saturday.

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