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Travel News – Tourists panic after being bitten by monkeys in Bali

bitten by monkeys in Bali

The Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud always warns visitors to keep their distance from the monkeys. But the Canadian female tourist still tried to get close to them and was bitten on the hand.

Two Canadian tourists, Molly McMurray and Erica Mussini, are excited to visit monkeys at the Monkey Forest sanctuary in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia). However, this trip went awry when Erica Mussini was attacked by a monkey.

According to Molly McMurray’s video shared on May 27, Erica Mussini is sitting on the steps at the Monkey Forest reserve and interacting with two monkeys next to her. A larger monkey sitting on a back step ran up to her and bit her arm.

bitten by monkeys in Bali

After the incident, they went to a local clinic. Mussini received six rabies shots before returning to Canada.

In early March, Singaporean content creator Nicole Chen also shared a video of her friend being bitten by a monkey here. “When my friend was playing and stroking with the monkeys, one of them bit her,” Chen said. When he returned to Singapore, his friend Chen’s foot was swollen due to the bite and had to be vaccinated with 10 rabies shots.

On the Monkey Forest sanctuary’s website, tour guides recommend that visitors not touch or play with the monkeys. Because, they can react by biting tourists. The Monkey Forest Sanctuary also confirmed that the monkeys did not have rabies. They are regularly monitored by researchers from Udayana University’s primate research center.

In the event of an incident, visitors should also seek help at the Monkey Forest reserve’s first aid clinic for first aid. At the same time, visitors should not bring food or feed the monkeys inside the attraction, and avoid eye contact as monkeys may perceive this as a sign of aggression.

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