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Hiking in La Trapa – The Dramatic Coastal Trail in Southwest Mallorca

The out-and-back hike from Coll de Sa Gramola to Mirador d’en Josep Sastre and La Trapa is a stunning route which ties together several gorgeous viewpoints of Sa Dragonera Island and the steep cliffs of Mallorca’s southwest coast.

La Trapa was a monastery, established by Trappist Monks, who fled France for Mallorca in the 19th century. Prior to the arrival of the monks, the main valley at La Trapa was farmed for centuries. Though the monastery is in ruins, it attracts thousands of visitors each year, because of its impressive cliffside viewpoint of Sa Dragonera.

The vast majority of hikers will ascend to La Trapa from the fishing village of Sant Elm. This is the fastest route.

However, another great option is to start at Coll de Sa Gramola, the saddle along the ma-10 scenic road, north of Andratx. This route follows the signed GR 221 Dry Stone Route and Camí de ses Basses and takes in the Les Bardes and Josep Sastre viewpoints as well.

It’s worth noting that this hike initially traverses a “Caça major” big-game hunting area of wild goats, or Boc Balear. It’s vital that you stay on the trail the whole time. If you’re hiking with dogs, make sure they are leashed. We did hear two gun shots during our hike.

Along the trail, you’ll see several signs stating:

Caça major – big-game hunting No Sortiu del Camí – do not leave the trail Coto de Caza – hunting ground, or game reserve No llevar perros sueltos –  dogs must be leashedSeguiu el cami – follow the path
La Trapa Hike, Mallorca

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La Trapa Ruins Hiking Map

Where to Start the La Trapa Hike

Coll de San Gramola (355 m) is a mountain saddle along the Ma-10 road, between Andratx and Estellencs. There are two free car parks at the saddle.

This trailhead is only accessible by car. There’s no bus stop.

Coll de Sa Gramola – Mirador d’en Josef Sastre – La Trapa Trail Description

Coll de sa Gramola to Caseta de Ses Basses (50 minutes)

Penyal de n’Anglada, Mallorca

From the upper car park, locate the GR 221 trail signs and waymarks in the direction of S’ Arracó and Camí de ses Basses.

The trail follows a wide dirt road, initially along an estate fence. Soon, views open up to the sea and the road leads to the base of the striking Penyal de n’Anglada rocky outcrop.

The undulating road continues across a mostly garigue landscape, defined by dwarf fan palms, Dissgras (Ampelodesmos mauretanica), rosemary, and various shrubs.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at a trail junction at Cas Guixers. The left path, Camí de Ses Rotes, leads to S’Arracó (1:40 hrs).

Take the right upper track. There’s no sign indicating where the right trail leads, but someone etched “Trapa” and a right arrow onto the wooden sign post.

In about 150 meters, the path divides again, with the left lower track leading to a stone hut. Take the right upper track. This leads to a stone wall and the dilapidated Caseta de Ses Basses stone building.

Caseta de Ses Basses to Mirador d’en Josep Sastre (20 minutes)

Mirador les Bardes viewpoint, Mallorca

At Caseta de Ses Basses, the trail splits and rejoins in half a kilometer. You can either stay on the main trail, which is the obvious dirt path leading left. Or, you can head right to the coast.

The right trail to the coast immediately rewards with views of the steep cliffs of Ses Serres. Follow this narrow path high above the coast to the Mirador les Bardes viewpoint, which is basically a rugged rise, or hill.

It’s easy to venture off the trail, because there are multiple goat paths.

From the Les Basses viewpoint, head inland and rejoin the main track.

The trail, now significantly more rugged, follows the coast and steadily ascends, skirting Puig de ses Basses peak.

After about 20 minutes, you’ll arrive at an unsigned trail junction atop a high plateau, marked by a giant pile of stones. Head right to Mirador d’en Josep Sastre. 

Mirador d’en Josep Sastre, Mallorca

Sa Dragonera island is already visible.

When you get to the pulpit-shaped viewpoint, there’s a wonderful view of the cliffs as well as the island.

Mirador d’en Josep Sastre to La Trapa Viewpoint (40 minutes)

Sa Dragonera, La Trapa Hike, Mallorca

Backtrack to the stone pile and head right.

With Sa Dragonera in full view, the trail descends along a rocky path.

You’ll enter the La Trapa Natural Reserve.  After hiking over the stile, follow the wide dirt road and descend to the La Trapa Ruins.

La Trapa Monastery Ruins, Mallorca

Pass the monastery ruins and the old Molí de Sang mill and follow the path down to Mirador de la Trapa.

La Trapa to Mirador d’en Josep Sastre

La Trapa Viewpoint, Mallorca

Follow the same trail back to Coll de Sa Gramola.

Where to Stay near La Trapa

Sant Elm

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Es Capdellà

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