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12 best places to visit Moc Chau Vietnam

Moc Suong tea hill best places to visit Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a famous plateau located in Son La province, Vietnam. This place has blooming flower fields, along with immense green tea hills, a destination that captivates anyone who visits. Moc Chau possesses a mild and cool climate all year round, so whether it’s winter or summer, whether it’s a warm sunny day or a white foggy day, Moc Chau is still wonderfully beautiful.

Let’s explore the list of 12 best places to visit Moc Chau Vietnam

1. Moc Suong tea hill

Moc Suong tea hill best places to visit Moc Chau

This is a gentle and idyllic experience in Moc Chau. Remember not to miss the Moc Suong tea hill, one of the most attractive places to go to Moc Chau in the hearts of tourists.

2. Pha Luong Peak

Pha Luong Peak best places to visit Moc Chau

Pha Luong is like a magnificent, fuzzy and beautiful symbol that many people wish to visit once.

In Pha Luong, you can enjoy different types of weather at a glance. When it is a clear blue sky, when it is cloudy, sometimes it is a sudden rain of the forest. But no matter when, Pha Luong is always majestic and beautiful, making people fall in love.

3. Long Luong Village

Long Luong Village best places to visit Moc Chau

With the dreamy scenery of the sky holding people’s feet. Come here, let’s relax on the streets in the village covered with pure white from plum and apricot flowers, watching the wooden houses that have darkened over the years in the kitchen smoke in the afternoon.

Especially when April and May, this is the time when plum trees and apricot trees begin to ripen. Long Luong village is also a great place to pick Moc Chau plums for tourists who love this delicious fruit of this mountainous region.

4. Pine forest in Ang village

Pine forest in Ang village best places to visit Moc Chau

Being likened to the “Muse of the Northwest”, Ban Ang pine forest not only possesses a romantic and poetic beauty, but also a place where you can admire the stilt houses hidden behind the green pine trees. eye.

Like “Little Da Lat in the heart of Moc Chau”, you will see the pine forest reflected in the quiet lake. That peaceful but gentle beauty will make visitors feel like they are immersed in another world.

5. Chimi Strawberry Farm

chimi farm best places to visit Moc Chau

Located in the pine forest area of Ban Ang, Chimi Farm is one of the green farms with a large area in Moc Chau. Coming to Chimi, you can manually pick sweet ripe red berries and freely take pictures of “virtual living”.

6. Dai Yem Waterfall

Dai Yem Waterfall best places to visit Moc Chau

This place is surrounded by a sparse forest, the scenery is massive but very poetic. The most suitable time to see Dai Yem waterfall is from April to October. At this time, the scenery here is cool, the waterfall also pours white water, making many tourists excited.

7. Pa Phach Village

Pa Phach farm best places to visit Moc Chau

Dubbed the canola flowers paradise, Pa Phach village has become one of the famous tourist destinations when coming to Moc Chau. According to our experience, you should go to Pha Phach village to see the fields of canola flowers blooming everywhere, creating a beautiful and poetic scene. Not only that, here the scenery of the four seasons is beautiful. When autumn comes, you will be able to admire wild sunflowers, canola flowers in winter, blooming spring peaches and brilliant summer colors of heaven and earth, clouds and mountains.

8. Na Ka plum valley

Na Ka plum valley best places to visit Moc Chau

As one of the most beautiful valleys of Moc Chau, Na Ka is likened to a wonderland with picturesque plum blossom season. Standing from above, looking down, the pure white plum flowers bloom spread all over the vast Na Ka valley. After blooming, the plum tree begins to bear fruit. The end of April and the beginning of May is when the plums enter the harvest season. You can come to experience picking juicy red ripe plums and buy them as gifts.

9. Heart tea hill

Heart tea hill best places to visit Moc Chau

With the skillful and creative hands of the indigenous people, the tea beds are planted in a unique heart shape that attracts a lot of tourists coming here to take pictures. In addition to owning shimmering pictures, you can also enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the plateau and enjoy cups of fresh tea amidst the immense scenery of the tea hills.

10. Moc Chau Happy Land

Moc Chau Happy Land best places to visit Moc Chau

The resort has an area of 5 hectares with many colorful flowers located in the middle of a wide valley in Lon village, Muong Sang commune. The highlight in Happy Land is the heart-shaped flower beds grown and shaped from a variety of flowers of the Northwest region. In addition, you can also go to areas with windmills, heart shapes, pianos, bird’s nests … to check-in virtual living.

11. Mu Nau Valley

Mu Nau Valley best places to visit Moc Chau

This vast valley stretches with primeval forests in harmony with plum and apricot gardens in full bloom that will make you fall in love with the beauty of this highland town. On the small trail through the valley are simple stilt houses lying under the hundred-year-old trees and the early morning birdsong as beautiful as a lively oil painting.

12. Moc Chau buckwheat field

Moc Chau buckwheat field best places to visit Moc Chau

No need to go to Ha Giang far away, but even in Moc Chau, there are beautiful buckwheat flower gardens that captivate people. The shimmering pink buckwheat flower fields will make you fall in love.
The season of buckwheat flowers in Moc Chau starts from April to June or from November to December. Normally buckwheat flowers only bloom in winter, but in Moc Chau you can also see them on summer days. Some places to see buckwheat flowers in Moc Chau that you can refer to are: Long Luong buckwheat flower garden, Hoa Xu Moc buckwheat flower garden,….

Moc Chau travel

Hopefully with the above list of 12 best places to visit Moc Chau Vietnam, you will have reasonable choices for your ideal vacation. Surely you will feel the quiet atmosphere and be immersed in the nature and cultural identity of the Northwest region of Vietnam.

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