5 of the blue places to visit on Earth

It is Blue Monday, that day in mid-January that, apparently, within the northern hemisphere, is characterised as the “most miserable day of the year.” And because the concept of Blue Monday isn’t based on science—the equation originally used to determine that the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year has been debunked—we might as well use right now as an opportunity to deal with some literal blues: vivid, cerulean hues all over the world that shine, vivid, lovely, and something however miserable.Listed below are our top five favorite blue journey locations:

1. The Maldives place to travel in The Maldives 

While you consider naturally occurring blues, your thoughts could mechanically wander in the direction of pristine, crystal seashores beneath glowing skies. All of this is available in the Maldives, a group of tropical islands off India’s south-western coast, particularly if you arrive by boat.

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Already been to the Maldives? Make a journey to Belize, a South American paradise of unbelievable seashores, breathtaking surroundings, and unbelievable snacks.

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3. Banff, Canada

place to travel in Banff, Canada

Warm-weather vacations aren’t the only thing that can cure a child’s blues.Banff Provincial Park, within the Canadian province of Alberta, boasts some actually glowing freshwater lakes — just like the well-known Peyto Lake and Lake Louise, that are so blue (and, on occasion, turquoise) they nearly do not appear.

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4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Blue hues are artificially enhanced slightly more than naturally occurring in Chefchaouen; this Moroccan metropolis is known for its blue buildings.Although it is not definitively identified why so many of Chefchaouen’s buildings are painted blue—some say the color repels mosquitos; others recommend the buildings have been painted the hue when people of Jewish descent took refuge in Morocco during the Second World War—one factor is definite: the town is totally beautiful.

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5. Blue Lagoonplace to travel in BlueLagoon1

Another cool-weather retreat, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, is a must-visit when travelling to the chilly island nation. The water is heated utilizing geothermal power, and the minerals it incorporates apparently do wonders for the pores and skin. And even when they do not, an extended soak in the warm blue water is terrifically stress-free.

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