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Five things you should avoid when staying at a hotel while traveling

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Wearing swimsuits going through the lobby, messing up the room before checking out, stealing are things that should avoid at the hotel.

Myka Meier, etiquette expert and founder of the communication program at The Plaza Hotel (USA), says that discovering a new place can bring people joy but also quality. catalyze them to show the other side. So, to help guests behave properly, she pointed out the actions to avoid while staying at the hotel.

Check out Five things you should avoid when staying at a hotel while traveling

1. Wearing revealing clothes in the lobby

Wearing swimsuits, bikinis is normal at the beach and swimming pool, but the hotel lobby is not on this list. This is “adult misconduct” as many guests wear swimsuits from the shower to their rooms and casually walk through the main lobby area. If you know you’re going swimming, bring a large towel to wrap around you.

most beautiful hotel pools in vietnam
Bikini, swimwear only suitable for wearing at the pool, beach.

2. Disrespectful behavior

“You may be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean good manners should be forgotten,” says Meier. Actions that are considered impolite while on vacation in a hotel include occupying a pool chair without using it, snapping fingers to call the hotel staff. During the check-in process, if you have a problem that cannot be resolved immediately, please stand aside and let someone else do the procedure.

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Basic behaviors like saying “please”, “thank you” are appreciated by employees.

3. Impatient

You may be in a hurry, but being impatient or irritable with the front desk or concierge doesn’t make things faster. Hotel staff are human too. They don’t have a magic wand to wave and get the job done. Instead, you should remember that the more polite and kind you are to employees, the quicker you will get help from them.

4. Stealing things

If you do not want to be on the hotel’s blacklist, it is best not to take things that are not allowed. Towels, decorations in the room are not allowed to take home.

Five things you should avoid when staying at a hotel while traveling
Brushes and disposable items can be obtained from the hotel bathrooms, but towels are not available.

5. Disorganized hotel room

A messy check-out is a quick way to make you an obnoxious guest to the staff. Cleaning up before you leave is what Meier suggests: “Leave used towels on hooks or neatly stacked in the bathroom instead of littering the floor.”

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If you’re ordering things up to your room for a meal, avoid leaving the tray in the hallway after you’re done (unless that’s required by the hotel). Leaving finished food outside makes them look cluttered, stinks, and can distract other guests from rushing in. Call room service after you finish your meal. Check out Review Sheraton Grand Danang Resort – The best hotel-resort in Da Nang Vietnam

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