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Marshall islands travel guide – Things to know before you go

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia, are a fascinating and unique destination for travelers looking to explore a remote and off-the-beaten-path destination.

Check out Marshall islands travel guide and some things to know before you go

How to get Marshall Islands?

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands are located in the central Pacific Ocean, and getting there requires some planning and preparation. Here are some ways to get to the Marshall Islands:

  1. Fly: The main airport in the Marshall Islands is the Amata Kabua International Airport, located on the main island of Majuro. There are direct flights to Majuro from Honolulu, Hawaii, and Guam, with connecting flights available from other destinations.
  2. Cruise: Some cruise ships include the Marshall Islands as part of their itinerary, offering a unique way to visit the islands and explore the surrounding waters.
  3. Private boat: It is possible to sail to the Marshall Islands on a private boat, but this option requires a significant amount of planning and preparation, as well as knowledge of sailing and navigation in remote waters.
  4. Military transport: The US military operates a base on the Kwajalein Atoll and offers occasional flights to the Marshall Islands. However, this option is only available to authorized personnel and requires special clearance.

What is the best time of year to visit Marshall Islands?

Marshall islands travel guide

The best time to visit the Marshall Islands is during the dry season, which runs from December to April. During this time, the weather is generally sunny and warm, with less rainfall and lower humidity. Temperatures during this period range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit.

The wet season in the Marshall Islands runs from May to November, with higher temperatures, more rainfall, and occasional typhoons or tropical storms. While the wet season can still be a good time to visit, especially for diving or fishing, visitors should be prepared for the possibility of wet and stormy weather.

Geography and climate

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands consist of 29 coral atolls and five single islands, with a total land area of just 70 square miles. The climate is tropical, with year-round temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit.

Language and culture

The official language of the Marshall Islands is Marshallese, although English is also widely spoken. The local culture is heavily influenced by traditional practices and beliefs, including navigation, weaving, and storytelling.

Visa requirements

Marshall islands travel guide

Visitors to the Marshall Islands do not need a visa for stays of up to 30 days. However, a valid passport and return or onward ticket are required for entry.

Currency and banking

The official currency of the Marshall Islands is the US dollar, and there are several banks and ATMs available in the capital city of Majuro. Credit cards are accepted at some hotels and restaurants, but cash is recommended for smaller purchases and in more rural areas.


Marshall islands travel guide

The main form of transportation on the Marshall Islands is by boat or plane, with flights available to and from Hawaii, Guam, and other nearby destinations. Taxis and rental cars are also available on some islands.

Is the Marshall Islands expensive?

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands can be considered an expensive destination compared to some other travel destinations in the region. The cost of living in the Marshall Islands is relatively high, and this is reflected in the prices of goods and services, including accommodations, food, and transportation.

However, the cost of traveling to the Marshall Islands can be managed by choosing budget-friendly accommodations, avoiding unnecessary expenses, and planning ahead. Visitors should also be aware that there are limited options for accommodations and dining on some islands, and prices can vary depending on the location.

Why should people visit Marshall Islands?

Marshall islands travel guide

There are many reasons why people should visit the Marshall Islands. Here are a few:

  1. Natural beauty: The Marshall Islands are home to stunning coral atolls, crystal-clear waters, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The islands are also home to diverse marine life, making it an ideal destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.
  2. Cultural experience: The Marshall Islands have a rich cultural history, with traditions and practices that have been passed down for generations. Visitors can learn about Marshallese culture by attending cultural events, visiting local museums, and interacting with locals.
  3. Adventure activities: The Marshall Islands offer a range of adventure activities, including fishing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Visitors can also explore the islands on foot, taking in the natural beauty and learning about the history and culture of the region.
  4. Remote and peaceful atmosphere: The Marshall Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, making it a perfect destination for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The islands offer a peaceful and remote atmosphere that allows visitors to unwind and relax.
  5. Environmental conservation: The Marshall Islands are committed to preserving the environment, with efforts to protect marine life, reduce plastic waste, and promote sustainable tourism. Visitors can support these efforts by choosing eco-friendly activities and accommodations.

List of best hotels in Marshall Islands?

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands offer a limited range of accommodations, but there are still some great hotels and resorts available. Here are some of the best hotels in the Marshall Islands:

  1. Marshall Islands Resort: Located on Majuro Atoll, the Marshall Islands Resort is the largest hotel in the country, with 106 rooms and suites. The resort offers a range of amenities, including a restaurant, bar, fitness center, and outdoor pool.
  2. Hotel Robert Reimers: This hotel is located on the island of Koror, just a short distance from the airport. The hotel features a variety of room types, including suites and apartments, as well as a restaurant, bar, and outdoor pool.
  3. Laura Beach Resort: This beachfront resort is located on the island of Laura, just a short boat ride from Majuro. The resort offers a peaceful and secluded setting, with a range of accommodations and amenities, including a restaurant, bar, and outdoor pool.
  4. MIR Restaurant and Hotel: This hotel is located on the island of Ebeye, offering affordable accommodations and a range of amenities, including a restaurant and bar.
  5. Coral Sands Hotel: This hotel is located on the island of Arno, offering a secluded and peaceful setting for visitors. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, and outdoor pool, as well as a range of accommodations.

Activities and attractions in Marshall Islands ?

Marshall islands travel guide

  1. Diving and snorkeling: The Marshall Islands are home to some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world. The crystal-clear waters offer an excellent opportunity to explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life, including sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles.
  2. Cultural tours: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting traditional villages and attending cultural events, such as the annual Marshallese Culture Day. You can also visit historical sites, including World War II battlefields and Japanese bunkers.
  3. Beaches: The Marshall Islands boast some of the most stunning and secluded beaches in the world, including Laura Beach and Bikini Atoll. Spend a day relaxing on the soft white sand, swimming in the turquoise waters, or snorkeling along the coral reefs.
  4. Fishing: The Marshall Islands are a popular destination for sports fishing, with a variety of fish species, including tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin. You can also participate in traditional Marshallese fishing practices, such as handline fishing and trap fishing.
  5. Hiking and nature walks: Take a nature walk through the lush rainforest, explore the ancient volcanic craters, or hike to the highest point on Majuro Atoll, offering panoramic views of the surrounding islands.
  6. Kayaking and paddleboarding: Explore the calm lagoons and crystal-clear waters on a kayak or paddleboard, and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding islands.
  7. Marshallese cuisine: Sample the local cuisine, including fresh seafood, coconut milk, and traditional Marshallese dishes such as poke (raw fish salad), coconut bread, and barbecued seafood.

Marshall islands travel guide

The Marshall Islands offer a unique and remote destination for travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. With its fascinating culture, beautiful natural scenery, and range of activities, the Marshall Islands are a destination that is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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