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Top 7 interesting facts about Iceland

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Let’s discover top 7 interesting facts about Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful little country, located on an island in the Atlantic. This small country is only about 3 hours flight from Paris, London or Copenhagen. Iceland has rugged sea routes, longer than 4800 km² to north. It has a total area of ​​103.000km2 and a population of about 335.000 people.

Top 7 interesting facts about Iceland

1. A country without forests

Gullfoss Iceland
Gullfoss Iceland water fall

The climate in Iceland is very harsh, because of its location adjacent to the north pole, and Iceland is also located on the belt of the Atlantic volcano, so the country has many glaciers, volcanoes, and hot springs that created spectacular wonders.

Viking to Iceland
Viking explore Iceland

But this is not the main reason why the country does not have any forests. This is really because the Vikings used to cut down a lot of trees before, and released a lot of sheep, making it impossible for the trees to grow back. As a result, this country now has less than 2% of its land covered with trees, despite human efforts to green.

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2. A country without mosquitoes

mosquitoes Iceland
Because this country doesn’t have shallow ponds for mosquitoes to breed. Iceland’s ecosystem includes cycles, freezing and thawing. These cycles are continuous, so fast that mosquitoes do not have enough time to growth.

3. One of the countries that consume the most energy

Iceland consumes the most energy on an average person basis. The reason is the excess of energy, they are produced from hydroelectricity and thermal power. In Iceland, Icelander are less concerned about energy issues.

4. Colorful architecture

iceland houses
Architecture in Iceland was heavily influenced by Scandinavia architecture, when the Vikings immigrated here. They cannot find enough wood to build houses because Iceland has very little forest. So, they created the grass house, which is a unique architecture of Iceland. Today, grass houses are mostly located in rural areas and are no longer built. Some become places of attraction to visitors.
In the capital Reykjavík, modern architecture dominates, but still intermixes buildings with ancient architecture such as churches.

5. Special and attractive cuisine

cuisine Hákarl iceland
Hákarl Iceland

Icelandic cuisine has a long history, the specialty here is fermented shark, also known as Hákarl. This is a traditional dish of residents on Christmas but today many tourists think that this is a dish demonstrate courage when visiting Iceland. This dish is made from a poisonous-fresh shark, buried underground for 6-12 weeks to eliminate toxins. It smells really terrible, smells like hair curlers. But do not worry because this taste will disappear when you drink with traditional Rennivin alcohol.

6. There are many volcanoes

Volcanoes in Iceland
The volcano seems like a harsh but also gives Iceland a fertile land. These craters always attract tourists by the wild of nature.

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7. The safest and happiest country in the world

Street in Iceland
Iceland has an open society, the uniform distribution of happiness makes the people of Iceland feel happy. In addition to it is the ability to face and overcome difficulties, take care of others as they do with themselves. They also appreciate openness and sincerity.
All this has made a small country in northern Europe which develop and become as good as today.

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