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Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Are you planning to travel to Con Dao Vietnam ? And looking for the best things to do in Con dao Vietnam 2022 ? Let’s explore it through this article. You can go to Con Dao all year round by plane, to rest and explore nature still pristine. Besides, there are 3-4 star standard hotels and resorts so that visitors can come to relax and entertain there.

Con Dao, also known as Con Son island, is becoming closer and closer to tourists as there are many transportation options.Transport, travel, accommodation and dining services on the island have developed, making this landmark increasingly promoted on the tourist map.Besides spiritual tourism, about the source, many visitors are now aware that Con Dao is a paradise for vacationing, interesting spots with many discoveries.

Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Here are suggestions for your trip on this island.

What is the best time to visit Con Dao ?

From March to September is the most beautiful time to explore Con Dao. Although it is still in the rainy season, at this time, the sea is calm and the wind is small in the eastern and north-eastern islands. Visitors should visit the remote island during the day, which is full of golden sunshine and blue sky suitable for scuba diving and photography. In the afternoon or rainy, it is suitable to visit the covered monuments on the big island. In particular, July – September is the high season, the breeding season of sea turtles.

Release baby turtles to the sea

The remaining time, October – March of the following year, is the windy season, the sea of Con Son Bay has high waves. However, the sea in the west and southwest of the large island is still quiet, without rain, so visitors can change direction to visit this area with equally beautiful natural scenery.

Let’s see the best things to do in Con Dao Viet nam in 2022

Depending on the time, purpose, and style of travel, you can choose from the following destinations for a day, 4 days, 3 nights, or 5 days and 4 nights plan.

Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

1. Explore nature

In the East and Northeast stand out the destinations below.

Seven Edge Island and Hon Cau: are two eco-tourism spots off the familiar Con Dao coast, including the experience of scuba diving, visiting mangroves, in season you will see turtles laying eggs, releasing baby turtles to the sea. You can rent a canoe to the small island for about 2 – 5 million VND per session. In order to save costs, you should book a day tour including turtle drop to the sea in combination with diving to see the Seven Edge reef, at VND 790,000/ guest by Con Dao Explorer Company. In addition, I also suggested to those who like to conquer the coordinates of the 3 markers of Vietnam’s territorial sea, located on the nearby Seven Edge Island, Tai Lon Island and Bong Lan Island.

Dam Tre Bay: located in the north of the island, windy, with mangroves surrounding, where canaries nest during the breeding season and many other marine species. On the way, visitors can stop for sightseeing or bathing at Lo Vam beach, Dat Doc beach, Bird’s nose, Northeast bay…

Dam Trau beach: is a quiet beach, located close to Con Dao airport, about 15 km from the center of the island. This place attracts many visitors to check-in the sight of aircraft landing close to the head.

Bow Tank: located on the equatorial road from the airport to the town, surrounded by erect slabs forming an arc embracing the sea. This place is a risky “virtual life” photo shoot, and is also considered the most beautiful sunrise viewing place in Con Dao.

An Hai beach, Cau Tau beach: are bathing beaches in the center of the big island, with fine white sand, calm sea, where many local people come to bathe.

Bai Nhat, Mui Ca Map: is a pristine beach located by the road through the island. Because there is a comfortable downhill path, tourists often stop to take photos with the archway curving around the mountain, on one side is a clear blue beach.

Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022

Con Dao Vietnam

Con Dao Vietnam

Con Dao Vietnam

Con Dao Vietnam

If you travel to Con Dao during the monsoon season, turn to destinations to the west and southwest:

Ong Dau beach: It is a pristine beach, suitable for picnics, retreats, collective activities. From here, visitors can rent canoes from forest rangers to visit nearby islands such as Big Tre island, Little Tre island.

Hon Tre island: 2 km from Ong Dau beach, the island has a distributed flora mainly bamboo trees, so the name is given. This place is a bird yard on the sea, from May – September, there will be thousands of migratory birds coming from the North to nest and lay eggs such as leisurely crests, petrels, sea anemones…Visitors can take the canoe to the island to watch corals, see seabirds, fish for recreation.

Big Hon Tre island: The island has a fine white sand beach, which is a gathering point for many sea turtles to lay eggs (ranked second after Cat Lon beach, Seven Edge island).

Ong Dung Primary Forest, Chua Mountain: From Con Dao, you go west, experience a trekking trip of about an hour across the primary forest, leading to the beach at the end of the forest. Entrance ticket to Ong Dung Primary Forest costs 60,000 VND per person.

Con Dao has a number of other offshore islands such as Hon Ba, Hon Egg (Silver Rock), Hon Vung (Phu Vinh), Hon Anh, Hon Em… but has not yet exploited tourism services. In addition, visitors can visit, learn more about the process of growing pearls in pearl farms and buy products from pearls.

Con Dao Vietnam

2. Visit relics and spiritual destinations

Con Dao Museum: The relic now exhibits about 2,000 valuable materials and items about nature and people from Con Dao from the past, and learn about the history of the Con Dao prison struggle for 113 years. Entry fare: 20,000 VND per trip.

Island lord’s house: The residence is the residence and work of 53 island lords, spent 113 years (1862 – 1975), now preserving many artifacts of the lavish life of French, American, Vietnamese and Chinese island lords.

Prison system: Con Dao prison is on the list of 23 special national monuments. This “hell on earth” is the rendezvous of the origins of many domestic and foreign tourists. With 40,000 VND a ticket, visitors can visit the clusters of historical monuments including the Island House, Phu Hai detention camp, French Tigers Cage, American Tigers Cage. The reception time in the historical sites is 7: 30 – 11: 30 and 14: 00 – 17: 00 during the day, including weekends and holidays. You should sign up or join a group of presenters to hear the stories of the old prison.

Con Dao Vietnam

Con Dao Vietnam

Hang Duong Cemetery: is the most famous spiritual tourist destination in Con Dao, the resting place of more than 2,000 martyrs, including Ms. Vo Thi Sau’s grave. At night, tourists come here many times to visit and pray.

Hang Keo Cemetery: When just arrived in Con Dao, guides or people often suggest visitors to come and light incense at this special National Monument to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

Pier 914: is the historical witness of hard labour and the sacrifice of the bones and blood of so many soldiers. Visitors come to pier 914 to burn incense, visit, fish, watch the scenery, take pictures of the sunrise.

Ma Thien Lanh Bridge: This unfinished work was built in 1930, by the French who took prisoners without hands to build on high mountains, to exploit timber and stones for the construction of prisons, offices…

Phi Yen Temple (An Son Mieu): An extraordinary temple of Lord Nguyen Anh, established and celebrated by locals on the island scale on October 17 and 18 of the Lunar calendar every year.

Nui One Pagoda (Van Son Tu): This is the only pagoda on the island, built since 1964. This pagoda is located on the high mountain with a view on 4 sides of the green forest, Con Son bay, the town and An Hai lotus lake.

The archways on the island also have many beautiful spaces such as the road shaded with eagle trees, yellow and red flowers in the summer, the rose bushes along the road, old houses, the bow of the boat reaching the sea, the coastal road next to the cliff…


The plane is the most time-saving means of transportation to Con Dao. Currently, Bamboo Airways operates a direct flight route in about 2 hours between Con Dao and Hanoi (from 2.6 million VND/ way), Hai Phong (from 2.8 million VND/ way), Vinh (from 2.4 million VND/ way). Currently, Bamboo Airways operates a direct flight route in about 2 hours between Con Dao and Hanoi (from 2.6 million VND/ way), Hai Phong (from 2.8 million VND/ way), Vinh (from 2.4 million VND/ way).

From Con Dao airport to the town center about 15 km, you can take a taxi which costs from 300,000 VND to 450,000 VND a trip. Some resorts and hotels provide free shuttle bus or collect fee each way about 50,000 VND/ person. If you go with many other people, you should contact to rent a private car.

Con Dao Vietnam 2022

On the island, you can travel by taxi for about VND 12,000/ km, tram for VND 20,000/ km, or rent a 12-16 seat car for VND 1.5 million a day. Con Dao has a variety of accommodation from casual to high-end. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can stay at a resort, hotel, or motel, far or near the center of the island.

If you want resorts, resorts, luxury hotels close to the sea, close to the forest, with private beaches are the optimal choice. To conveniently explore the town and go to the pier from early morning, you should stay in hotels and homestay in the center of the island. Room prices in Con Dao vary widely, ranging from VND 200,000 to over VND 10 million.

Visitors can also have overnight picnics in places permitted by the attraction management. Con Dao specialties you should find and enjoy are sea snail, cone snail, ear snail, hand snail, red lobster, red cap shrimp, red grouper, sea squid… and other types of sea fish.

Take-home specialties are sold in Con Dao market, including fresh, dried seafood and souvenirs. Eagle seed jam is an easy food gift for tourists.

With these best things to do in Con Dao Vietnam 2022, Hope you will have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Con Dao Vietnam 2022

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