Top 7 best places to visit after a pandemic

Cloud hunting in Scotland

After the pandemic, where is the place you want to go first? If you are still afraid of crowded places, 7 tourist destinations below will be the perfect suggestion for you to “refresh” spirit after the stressful days.

With tensions and frustrations during the time of fighting with the pandemic, are you cherishing a wonderful vacation to the beautiful, remote lands? If you can afford it, save the following 7 locations in your “bucket list”.

1. The Lavender fields in Provence, France

Lavender fields in Provence

Provence is an endless source of inspiration for many talented artists. Because of his love for Ste-Victoire, Paul Cezanne (painting master of the 20th century) painted the mountain 87 times. During the period of treatment with art therapy in the charming town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, artist Vincent van Gogh also sketched many unique paintings from his small room.

Lavender fields in Provence France

Perhaps not too many words to describe, you can also imagine the poetic beauty of this peaceful land. Visit Provence in the summer (end of June – mid-August)! This is the time when enchanting lavender fields simultaneously bloom.

To enjoy a comfortable and quiet vacation, instead of visiting the crowded Sénanque Monastery and traveling by tourist bus, you should take a leisurely stroll along the peaceful Roussillon or to the cliffs Spectacular, giant rocks on the edge of this tiny village.

2. Experience the life of the town of Skinnskatteberg, SwitzerlandTravel skinnskatteberg sweden

Just two hours by car from Stockholm (Sweden), Skinnskatteberg humbly lies by a huge lake. This is a wild land with rare shops and sparsely populated. Visitors can easily encounter many wildlife species living in the vast forest surrounding the town such as deer, wolves, deer, beavers …

skinnskatteberg sweden

skinnskatteberg sweden

Staying at the Kolarbyn eco-hostel, you will be immersed in the fresh, pure atmosphere of this place. Take a walk along the Bruksleden trail, wander the sweet scent of green pine branches and listen to your footsteps on the dry moss patches … The final destination is the clear blue Kolpen lake. You are free to swim and then feel the cuddle, nurture and heal from the cool water. In a moment, the tension and pressure in your mind will quickly evaporate.

3. Combination of wild animals in Chitwan, Nepal national park

wild animals in Chitwan Nepal

Kathmandu is a charming and energetic city with humid air, aromatic spice aromas and prayers from the sacred temples. However, the vacationers can escape the bustle of this place with a visit to Chitwan National Park.

Visit Chitwan NepalIn the precinct of this interesting destination, the noisy urban sound will be replaced by the wild cries of spotted deer, rhinos, elephants … Visitors can sit on rustic wooden boats to enjoy. the feel of a calm river and explore the dense trees, home to about 850 species of birds.

4. Cloud hunting in Scotland Highland, UK

Cloud hunting in Scotland Highland

In the winter, the Scottish highlands of England become more majestic and poetic than ever. The spectacular mountain scenery makes us nervous and breathless to listen to the clear sounds of nature. Therefore, each step of the traveler was also slower and softer.

Cloud hunting in Scotland
As the brilliant autumn makes way for the icy winter, the tourists here are sparse. This is the best time of the year for you to hunt clouds in the magnificent Scottish highlands. After successfully conquering a mountain in the early morning, looking down from the clouds and the countryside, you will feel extremely excited!

5. Silent whale watching in Husasta, Iceland

whale watching Husasta IcelandIceland is a country that still has whaling . As the whole world is working to eliminate this outdated practice, some of Iceland’s pioneering organizations also begin to cooperate through sustainable tourism.

whale watching Husasta

North Sailing is a whale-watching service on electric wooden boats instead of diesel. This green, clean and renewable fuel contributes to environmental protection. Giant whales have also become more friendly with visitors. Plan a perfect trip at Husasta to witness the whale’s life firsthand as well as admire the spectacular, extraordinary landscape here!

6. Admire the night sky in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

night sky Torres Del PaineSeeing the immense, endless night sky is an extremely great experience for the travel enthusiast. This is a very effective way to calm the mind and nourish the soul. If you love this interesting activity, you can visit Torres del Paine National Park. It has a dry atmosphere, few clouds, sparse houses, very convenient to admire the mysterious sky.

Night sky in Torres Del Paine National Park Chile

Just step out of the hotel, motel or tent, visitors can encounter the great stars sparkling in the magical sky. Quietly observe and immerse yourself in the shimmer of the galaxy in the middle of the night at a quiet night to relive your childhood memories, the first time you look up at the sky and turn out 1,001 big and small questions. Let the vast universe comfort, embrace you like when you were young!

7. Take the train to Cape Town, South Africa

the train to Cape Town, South Africa

Traveling by train is a bold and exciting idea, right? Cape Town Road of South Africa will make visitors extremely excited there! As the train rolls along every mile, from the lovely window, you will see the crowded, bustling cities, peaceful countryside, vast wineries, lush green farms, sa vast desert …

Cape Town South Africa

Throughout your journey, you can freely talk with new friends. Interesting stories of the people of the rainbow nation will bring you new and insightful insights into life.

Above are 7 best places to travel after a pandemic. Like, share and save to your bookmarks !

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