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10 notes to avoid trouble while traveling Japan

Tourism Japan is gradually returning to the world map while still imposing many restrictions on visitors. However, Japan has always been the most anticipated and loved destination by tourists.

Japan attracts visitors with its beautiful natural landscape, majestic scenery all over the country. In each season of the year, the diversity of nature gives you completely different impressions. However, when traveling here you should pay attention to the following things to avoid trouble!

1. Do not litter

Meiji Shrine in Tokyo Japan
While many other countries turn a blind eye if someone throws a cigarette butt or a bag of balls on the street, Japan has no mercy. The gazes of astonishment will not be directed at people with weird fashions, but rather on the person spitting out candy on the street. They really don’t accept any excuses for such indiscretion because public trash cans have been conveniently installed everywhere.

2. Throw trash properly in the sorted bin

In Japan, trash cans are divided into “burnable” and non-burnable types, so please classify your garbage properly before putting it in the bin, making it easier to destroy and handle garbage.

3. Always in line

From the escalators to the barges and the shops, everyone lined up in a very orderly fashion. Even train or subway stations are always crowded places and especially during the morning rush hour, but Japanese people still keep their manners.

4. Smoking outdoors will be fined

Restaurants, bars or some private Japanese companies still allow smoking. However, in most cities including Toyko and Osaka, smoking outdoors (especially during the day) can lead to a fine of up to 50,000 yen (about 8 million VND), except for some street corners for smoking permit.

5. Don’t point your finger at others

Sensoji Temple in Tokyo Japan
Pointing at someone is quite common in many countries but in Japan it is considered rude, even using chopsticks or pointing.

6. Always walk in the line when crossing the street

Gion Japan
Drivers in Japan are very disciplined, they will loudly criticize and scold when they see a person walking recklessly, crossing the street in the wrong place.

7. No need to tip when eating or taking a taxi
Japanese restaurants do not allow employees to take tips from customers. If you have left the amount to pay on the table, they will chase to return it.


The same goes for taxi drivers, most of them wearing strict uniforms, hats and white gloves, always returning change and refusing any bonuses. Another thing to note about taxis in Japan is that they are all equipped with automatic doors, so guests should not automatically open and close the doors manually.

8. Bring gifts when visiting someone’s house

When visiting another house, the Japanese always take off their shoes and put on indoor slippers to keep the owner clean. At the same time they often say: “O-jama shimasu!” (“Sorry to bother you”) and bring a small gift called an o-miyage to give to the host.

9. Set silent mode and limit phone traffic on ships

Journey the bullet practice in Japan 
Going by train or subway, people are free to put on makeup, play video games, text or sleep, as long as they don’t make any noise. And remember, never eat or drink on board.

10. Do not wear swimsuits when bathing in hot springs

Kyoto, Japan

Meiji Shrine in Tokyo Japan
Onsen – hot springs are very popular in Japan. Rarely do Japanese people take a bath wearing a swimsuit or bikini in a hot spring, most of them are naked. Except for some cases of tattoos, they should be covered.

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