Top 7 most beautiful for the honeymoon in 2020


Are you looking for an ideal place for your honeymoon but not sure how to choose? Want to make a special impression with your new experience with a place abroad? Let’s refer to top 7 most beautiful for the honeymoon in 2020 below and create yourself an unforgettable honeymoon in the best way!

The first trip as spouses is unique and unforgettable, and the destination varies according to the tastes, dreams, interests, and budget of each couple. We show you some fascinating destinations so you can choose yours.

After all the stress lived for several weeks or months prior to the organization of the marriage, there comes the time to rest, enjoy, relax and above all assume the performance of the new role as husband and wife, and what better than a spectacular destination for the honeymoon and so, start this new stage of life. We inform you about some of the most visited destinations so you can decide together with your loved one.

1. Maldives Islands

maldives 2020

Maldives Islands is a dream place to rest and feel the calm of an oasis, located in the southwest of India, are listed as the best paradisiacal beaches on the planet, have very complete resorts, among these we recommend the Diamonds Thudufushi. It is located on a small island with brilliant turquoise sea, and it has the most beautiful white beaches, full of palm trees and lush vegetation. It offers elegant and luxurious private bungalows on the beach and the sea.

Because it is located in the atoll, it does not have access to the deep ocean, which allows exploring the marine world, diving accompanied by experts who can take you to know the secrets of the reef, observe the sea turtles in their natural habitat and practice sports aquatic. This place is ideal for a quiet and relaxing honeymoon where you will find a pleasant rest, enjoying the most beautiful landscapes. Without a doubt, it is an incredible destination that will never be forgotten.

2. Thailand

For couples who love cultural activities and who are attracted to unforgettable places on the Asian continent, we will tell you about Thailand. You can visit the main cities and key sites of this wonderful cultural country. Observe its jungles, rivers, its numerous temples, its fabulous villages with different ethnic groups and its spectacular beaches.

Do not miss the visits to the temples Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, Phitsanuloke and the Grand Palace. Beautiful cities that can be known: Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam, Lopburi, city of the monkeys. Other wonders are the Sukhothai Historical Park, declared by UNESCO, World Heritage Site. And the gardens of Sukhothai, in whose ruins stands the Great White Buddha of Wat Sri Chum.

This magnificent and exciting trip will take you to Chiang Rai, wherein the traditional Thai boat you can take a walk along the river. In Chiang Mai, you will come across the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple and the famous Sankampaeng handicraft factories. You can finish the trip in Phuket that offers the most wonderful beaches in this extraordinary country.

3. New York

The capital of the world, cataloged as a beautiful and sexy city. New York is a city that offers a number of possibilities for all kinds of tastes. Restaurants from all over the world, with Indian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Mexican, and Colombian food, among others. Known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ is being a favorite destination for many couples who want to combine the romantic with the cultural part.

It has numerous museums such as the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Van Cortlandt House Museum or the Museum of Natural History and sites of tourist interest such as Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Times Square, Harlem, 5th Avenue, the bohemian neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Soho, Chinatown and the Wall Street area. You can also visit representative buildings such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center or the One World Trade Center.

Enjoy different plays and musicals and finally go shopping at the department stores of the shopping centers where you will find the big brands with the latest fashion trends.

4. Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

Cancun is located in the Mexican Caribbean, the destination for its beautiful beaches, cuisine, water parks and the nightlife that the island has. The first thing to visit is the Xcaret natural water park or the Xel-ha, where you can swim with dolphins, visit aquariums, caves, and Mayan walls, and practice scuba diving.

To carry out all kinds of water sports and relax is the Isla Mujeres, which has quiet beaches and Cozumel Island famous for its great nightlife. Another attraction is the spectacular Mexican art found on Tulum Avenue.

5. Isla Palma

Located near Cartagena, Colombia and two hours by boat or boat (the only form of access), is this beautiful private island, which belongs to the San Bernardo archipelago. On the way, you pass through places of interest such as the islands of Barú, Punta Grande and Isla Arena. For having a pleasant temperature of 30 to 33° C, and being a destination of great beauty, pleasure, and tranquility, it is considered as ideal for the honeymoon, for adventurous couples.

The reservation must be made at least three months in advance through the line of all-inclusive hotels in Isla Palma, since it is an exclusive tourist site, with great national and international demand. When you get to the island, in the pier itself, you will find the unique and beautiful hotel with all the comforts that newlyweds deserve. They will enjoy the marine fauna, and it has a zoo and a spectacular tropical flora. An excellent romantic plan is the walks that take place around the island and to enjoy beautiful beaches of coral sand, marshes, and magnificent mangroves.

6. Machu Picchu

Located in Cuzco, Peru, its name means “old mountain,” in Quechua. It is a place full of magic, as required by a true honeymoon. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a very desirable destination that receives 2,000 daily visits from international tourists. Located at 2,400 meters high, the Sacred Valley of the Incas is an impressive trail of this great civilization, which presents an architectural ensemble made of stone integrated harmoniously with the exuberant nature.

For couples who love history, architecture, engineering, handicrafts, and the beautiful landscape, this is a place of the incalculable value that can be ideal for the honeymoon. There you will find temples, palaces, water channels, incredible architectural structures for the time. There are two sectors, agricultural and urban where religious services and administrative tasks were carried out. The most important buildings are the temple of the sun and the temple of the three windows.

7. Amazon

A romantic destination with a lot of fauna and flora in the Amazon, for couples that seek to be connected with mother nature, we recommend having the lung of the world on their radar. Attractive because it has more than two million species, plants, insects and its population is indigenous in its great majority.

The natural parks Amacayacu and Cahuinari are close to Leticia. The newlyweds can start with a tour of the Amazon River, enjoy the landscape of the jungle, go to Puerto Nariño, visit the natural parks, admire the pink dolphins and take photographs postcard.

Have you already chosen your honeymoon destination?

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